Application Developer – Milpitas, CA

Application Developer Location: Milpitas, CA



I have a Job opening for the position below. If you are looking for a new job, please share your updated resume.


Job Title: Application  Developer

Job Type: Contract

Location: Milpitas, CA (Day 1 Onsite)

Job Description:

    1. Object Oriented Fundamentals and Design – Extensive Experience
    2. Java Patterns – Hands on Experience.
    3. Synchronization/Multi-Threading – Extensive Experience
    4. POJO Serialization – Hands on Experience.
    5. Serial communication – Basic Experience or Have Knowledge
    6. Socket communication – Extensive Experience
    7. JNI – Hands on Experience.
    8. RMI/CORBA – Basic Experience or Have Knowledge
    9. Java Certification – Better if present.
    10. Java Framework such as Spring, ANT, MAVEN shall be good to have.
    11. Jython or similar – Basic Experience or Have Knowledge
  1. Unix/Linux:
    1. Basic Experience or Have Knowledge.
  1. Communication
    1. Must be proactive in communicating issues.
    2. Must be a good listener and learner
    3. Should be able to suggest improvements than becoming montonous.
    4. Must be able to work and learn any technology other than Java. 
  1. Trouble Shooting / Problem Solving Skills
    1. Must be open or eager to solve problems.
    2. Must be able to analyze the problem using gathered Logs, or Profilers, come to a cause definition and propose fix.
    3. Must be able to get problems from the customer site and able to propose POA as quickly as possible.


John Ebenezer Thangaraj

Senior Technical Recruiter

Tech Star Group


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