Unbelievable! Discover the Secret Day 1 CPT Colleges for International Students

Top 10 Day 1 CPT Universities: A Comprehensive List of Colleges Offering CPT from Day 1, First Semester

In the competitive landscape of higher education, international students seeking Curricular Practical Training (CPT) opportunities from the first day of their first semester in the United States face a unique challenge. It’s crucial to find universities that offer this early CPT option. Here you will get a detailed list of colleges that offer CPT from day 1 of the first semester, giving students a valuable resource to make informed decisions about their academic journey.

Introduction to Day 1 CPT

What is Day 1 CPT?

Day 1 CPT, also known as “immediate CPT,” allows international students to engage in practical training from the very first day of their first semester. This program is a great C2C Jobs opportunity for students to gain real-world work experience while pursuing their degree. However, it’s essential to find a university that offers this option, as not all institutions provide it.

day one cpt colleges

The Advantages of Day 1 CPT

1. Accelerated Career Development

Day 1 CPT offers international students the chance to get a head start on their career development. By working in the industry while studying, students can gain practical experience that can give them an edge in the job market.

2. Financial Benefits

Working under Day 1 CPT can also help students financially to work various corp to corp requirements. They can earn a salary while studying, which can help offset tuition costs and living expenses.

The Day 1 CPT Universities List

Here is a comprehensive list of universities in the United States that offer Day 1 CPT opportunities to international students:

  1. University of Silicon Valley
    • Location: San Jose, California
    • Programs: Various STEM courses
    • Day 1 CPT Available: Yes
  2. California State University, East Bay
    • Location: Hayward, California
    • Programs: Multiple programs
    • Day 1 CPT Available: Yes
  3. Harrisburg University of Science and Technology
    • Location: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
    • Programs: STEM programs
    • Day 1 CPT Available: Yes
  4. University of North America
    • Location: Virginia
    • Programs: Various courses
    • Day 1 CPT Available: Yes
  5. Chicago School of Professional Psychology
    • Location: Chicago, Illinois
    • Programs: Psychology programs
    • Day 1 CPT Available: Yes
  6. City University of Seattle
    • Location: Seattle, Washington
    • Programs: Multiple programs
    • Day 1 CPT Available: Yes
  7. University of Cumberlands
    • Location: Williamsburg, Kentucky
    • Programs: Various courses
    • Day 1 CPT Available: Yes
  8. Northwest Missouri State University
    • Location: Maryville, Missouri
    • Programs: Multiple programs
    • Day 1 CPT Available: Yes
  9. South New Hampshire University
    • Location: Manchester, New Hampshire
    • Programs: Various courses
    • Day 1 CPT Available: Yes
  10. Edmonds Community College
    • Location: Lynnwood, Washington
    • Programs: Multiple programs
    • Day 1 CPT Available: Yes

These universities offer a wide range of programs and degrees while providing international students the opportunity to participate in Day 1 CPT.

How to Apply for Day 1 CPT

To apply for Day 1 CPT, follow these steps:

  1. Consult Your DSO: Speak with your designated school official (DSO) to confirm your eligibility and get guidance on the application process.
  2. Select an Eligible University: Choose a university from the list above that offers Day 1 CPT for your desired program, It is very beneficial for the international student as c2c requirements provide multiple jobs option available for them.
  3. Complete Required Forms: Complete the necessary forms provided by your university and submit them to your DSO.
  4. Maintain Status: Ensure you maintain your F-1 visa status throughout your academic journey.
  5. Work Authorization: Once approved, you’ll receive an updated I-20 form, which will allow you to work under the Day 1 CPT program.
day one cpt universities


In the pursuit of a successful academic and professional career, Day 1 CPT offers international students a unique opportunity to gain practical experience right from the beginning of their educational journey. This list of universities that offer Day 1 CPT serves as a valuable resource for students looking to maximize their career potential while studying in the United States. Make sure to consult your DSO and follow the application process to take full advantage of this program.

FAQ of day one cpt colleges

How risky is day 1 CPT?

Day 1 CPT (Curricular Practical Training) carries a degree of risk, and it’s crucial for international students to understand these risks before opting for it. Here’s an overview of the risks associated with Day 1 CPT:

  1. Immigration Status Risk: One of the most significant risks is potential jeopardy to your immigration status. If Day 1 CPT is not used in accordance with U.S. immigration regulations, it can lead to serious consequences, such as visa revocation or deportation.
  2. Maintaining Full-Time Student Status: International students are required to maintain full-time student status during their academic program. Utilizing Day 1 CPT excessively or incorrectly could jeopardize this status, potentially leading to problems with your visa.
  3. Employment Limitations: Day 1 CPT comes with employment limitations. Students must work only in roles directly related to their field of study. Engaging in unauthorized employment can lead to immigration issues.
  4. Limited Availability: Not all universities offer Day 1 CPT, so your choices may be restricted. You may need to select a specific university based on this criterion, which may not align with your academic and career goals and help to get Fulltime and Contract jobs for some time period.
  5. Uncertain Future Visa Options: Excessive use of CPT, including Day 1 CPT, can impact your eligibility for Optional Practical Training (OPT) and other visa options after graduation. It’s essential to plan your long-term immigration strategy carefully.
  6. Employment Limitations After Graduation: If you use Day 1 CPT extensively during your academic program, it may reduce the amount of OPT time available to you after graduation, affecting your post-graduation job opportunities.
  7. USCIS Scrutiny: The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) closely examines CPT usage. If they find any irregularities or violations, it can lead to complications and potential legal consequences.
  8. Changing Regulations: U.S. immigration regulations can change over time. What’s permissible today may not be in the future. Keeping up to date with immigration laws and policies is essential to avoid any risks.

It’s important to remember that Day 1 CPT, when used responsibly and within the boundaries of immigration laws, can be a valuable opportunity to gain practical experience while studying. However, it should be approached with caution, and students should consult with their designated school officials (DSOs) and immigration advisors to ensure they are following the rules and protecting their immigration status.

What are the day 1 CPT colleges in California?

California is home to several universities that offer Day 1 Curricular Practical Training (CPT) opportunities to international students. Here is a list of some of the Day 1 CPT colleges in California:

  1. University of Silicon Valley – Located in San Jose, California, this university offers various STEM programs and provides Day 1 CPT opportunities for eligible students.
  2. California State University, East Bay – Situated in Hayward, California, this university offers a range of programs and allows international students to participate in Day 1 CPT.
  3. California International Business University (CIBU) – CIBU is located in San Diego, California, and offers programs in business administration. It is known for its Day 1 CPT options.
  4. Silicon Valley University – Located in San Jose, California, this university offers programs in computer science and business administration, with Day 1 CPT options for eligible students.
  5. American Business College International – This college in Anaheim, California, provides programs in business management and offers Day 1 CPT for qualifying students.
  6. The Art Institute of California – San Francisco – Situated in San Francisco, this institute offers programs in the arts and design, including Day 1 CPT Jobs.
  7. Herguan University – Located in Sunnyvale, California, Herguan University offers STEM programs with Day 1 CPT options for eligible international students.

Please note that the availability of Day 1 CPT programs can change, and it’s essential to verify with the respective institutions and consult with your designated school official (DSO) to ensure you meet the eligibility criteria and understand the specific requirements for participating in Day 1 CPT at these colleges in California.

Can I travel on day 1 CPT?

Traveling on Day 1 Curricular Practical Training (CPT) can be a bit complex, and it depends on several factors. Here are some considerations regarding travel while on Day 1 CPT:

  1. Re-entry to the U.S.: If you are already in the U.S. on an F-1 visa and have been authorized for Day 1 CPT, you can generally travel within the U.S. without issues. However, when you exit the U.S. and seek re-entry, there might be complications. It’s essential to have all your documents in order.
  2. Re-entry Documents: To re-enter the U.S. while on Day 1 CPT, you will need your valid F-1 visa, your I-20 form with the updated CPT authorization, and a valid passport. Additionally, it’s advisable to carry a letter from your employer verifying your employment.
  3. Travel Signature: Before traveling, make sure to obtain a recent travel signature from your Designated School Official (DSO) on your I-20. This signature indicates that you are maintaining your F-1 status.
  4. CPT Start Date: You can only engage in CPT starting from the date specified on your I-20 form. Make sure not to start working before the authorized date.
  5. Employment Rules: When traveling while on Day 1 CPT, you must continue to adhere to the rules and regulations of your CPT employment, such as working only in a position directly related to your field of study.
  6. Visa Expiry: Check the expiration date on your F-1 visa. If it has expired or will expire while you are abroad, you will typically need to apply for a new visa at a U.S. embassy or consulate before returning.
  7. U.S. Entry Port: Consider your port of entry when returning to the U.S. Some ports may have stricter scrutiny, so choose a well-connected and commonly used airport or land border crossing.

It’s important to communicate with your DSO before making any international travel plans while on Day 1 CPT. Your DSO can provide guidance specific to your situation and help ensure you have all the necessary documents and information for a smooth re-entry into the United States.

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