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Job Title: ETL Matillion Developer

Location: Onsite Nashville, TN

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Job description:

• Understand your data sources.

• Follow the groups processes and strategy for developing the job.

• Handle data modeling, data warehouse architecture, data pipeline management, and ETL testing.

• Utilize various data warehousing fundamentals for setting up a data warehouse.

• Help to collect, manage, and analyze huge volumes of data for extraction, transformation, and loading.

• Implement database structure, data marts, data stores, and data lakes.

• Ensure high-end security and good quality of data.

• Safeguard proper functioning of data once the transfer is done.

• Seamless collaboration with data management teams on giving required data.

• Testing the warehouse infrastructure/storage system prior to data extraction

• Offer regular maintenance support.

• Administering ETL tools, app integration, performance tuning

• Working on technical/functional documentation

• Monitor pre-decided ETL jobs and ensure resolution of discrepancies.

Position’s Contributions to Work Group:

• The team is growing and working through a major Systems Transformation and building a Data Warehouse in Snowflake.

• The group previously only had a transactional system in Oracle and used DataStage for ETL.

• This job will work in a team environment to develop necessary ETL jobs using Matillion/ActiveBatch.

Typical Day:

• Work is either assigned through projects (typically in Azure DevOps) or ServiceNow.

• Most efforts have some form of project update meeting or daily/weekly SCRUM.

Technical Skills Required:


• Highly competent in Matillion, SQL, and have an ability to document well.

Soft Skills Required:


• Strong communication skills with business users.

• Strong collaboration with team members.

• Ability to learn and apply new knowledge quickly.

Education Requirements:

• 5+ years’ experience in ETL work. Direct experience in Matillion is preferred

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