Cloud Infrastructure Engineer || Durham, NC || Hybrid


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Job Title: Cloud Infrastructure Engineer
Location: Durham, NC

Required Skills:

Experience in Cloud infrastructure to research, develop and implement technical designs for Servers, Network Storage and app services on AWS
Hands on experience with AWS tools like Elastic Beanstalk, ELB, NLB, AutoScaling, EC2, and contanirzation.
Strong understanding of VPCs, Subnet configuration, route table, Internet gateway, VPC peering, Transit gateway, VPC Link.
Hands on experience in AWS storage services (like S3, FSx, EBS, EFS etc.)
Experience designing/applying Enterprise Integration patterns (event/message, request/response, batch) using software integration tools
Experience with HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, open-source Java framework, Struts/Springs, Ajax (JQuery, Dojo), SOA, and Web Services           
Experience in creating composable software solutions on the AWS cloud using low-code (Power Apps, SalesForce etc.) and cloud-based technologies
Strong hands-on programming experience in Webhook and API development using technologies like Node.js, Ruby, Python, Deno
Demonstrated success in a fast-paced environment, where priorities and direction can change depending on business needs / opportunities.
AWS Cloud Certified  
Ability to communicate effectively at all job levels, use excellent evaluation skills, and ability to relay information in legible reports as required
Experience with Agile and DevSecOps (specially CI/CD tools) methodologies.
Experience creating and developing Kubernetes architecture and tools for product teams and as platforms.

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