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Golang and Java development jobs in AZ



We have the below requirement with our Client. Kindly go through the JD below and let me know your interest.


Job Title : Golang developer

Duration of assignment (in Months) : 1 year

Work Location (State, City and Zip): Phoenix, AZ 85054


Relevant Experience (in Yrs): 6+

Technical/Functional Skills  : Golang and Java development

Experience Required     Golang and Java development


Roles & Responsibilities              

•                     As a Java and Golang developer, primary responsibility will be to work on the design, development, and maintenance of Java and Golang applications.

•                     Associate will be involved in writing clean, efficient, and scalable code in both programming languages.

•                     Associate expertise in Java will be required for building Java-based applications, while your knowledge of Golang will be utilized for developing efficient and concurrent applications.

•                     Collaboration with cross-functional teams, participation in code reviews, and adherence to coding standards will be crucial for ensuring high-quality code.

•                     Associate may also be involved in troubleshooting and debugging issues, as well as optimizing performance for both Java and Golang applications.

•                     Additionally, you should stay updated with the latest developments in both Java and Golang technologies to bring best practices and innovative solutions to the projects. Strong problem-solving skills, teamwork, and a passion for learning will be valuable assets in this role.

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