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Role: Hadoop Hive Exp 10+
Location: Englewood, CO (Onsite)

Must Have Skills
Hadoop Hive
Nice to have skills

Job description:
Skilled in optimizing Hive queries for better performance, including query rewriting, using appropriate file formats, and partitioning.
Experienced in Spark, based on specific use cases to improve query execution speed.
Experienced in implementing data compression techniques to reduce storage requirements and enhance query performance in Hive.
Proficient Hive’s partitioning and bucketing features to organize and optimize data storage and retrieval.
Experienced in Hive indexing options and their use cases to speed up data access in large datasets.

Experienced in optimizing SQL queries to improve database performance and reduce query execution time.
Experienced in indexes to enhance data retrieval efficiency.
Experienced in database tuning techniques, such as analyzing execution plans and identifying bottlenecks for better performance.
Knowledge of database normalization principles to eliminate data redundancy and ensure data integrity.
Proficiency in creating and optimizing stored procedures for efficient data manipulation and retrieval in SQL databases

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