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Mainframe Admin jobs in TX

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Role: Mainframe Admin
Location: San Antonio, TX (Hybrid)
Duration: 12+ Months
Experience: 5+ years
We are looking for admins with experience on IBM mainframe system related work – upgrades, installing patches and license renewals of IBM and other vendor tools and technologies runs on mainframe – mainly ACF2, CA LADP, CICS, Performance Analyzer, Fault Analyzer, Fault Manager, Sysview, DLM8500 Virtual Tape, SRDF, FDR, MicroFocus Changeman
Maintain IBM CICS and Message Queuing (MQ) software including all changes, upgrades, and patching
Address and questions and issues related to IBM CICS and Message Queuing (MQ) software.
Maintain software, CICS and MQ environments in compliance with the security guidelines
Diagnose and resolve CICS environment system abends and abnormal operating problems using system logs, and other available logs and documents. This includes creating and interpreting system traces and dumps, job output, and monitoring tools.
Install, customize, upgrade and maintain CICS and MQ Software on mainframe computer platforms running z/OS.
Participate in planning and executing database migrations, application software upgrades/migrations.
Analyze CICS & MQ software environments to provide performance tuning recommendations and plans.
Create, define, modify, and understand CICS parameters to be able to create new regions per requested criteria without assistance.
Create and maintain backup processing for CICS & MQ and their associated products.
Provide support in solving CICS applications and system related problems
Installing software – Running installation jobs and scripts, Performing installation-specific customization tasks
System parameters/parmlib maintenance
Maintaining ACF2
Capacity planning
Integration-testing the new products with existing applications and user procedures
System-wide performance tuning to meet required levels of service
Performing IPLs, conducting DR exercise
Monitoring system performance
Managing incidents on z/OS related issues
SMF configuration/SMS policies updates and maintenance.
Planning hardware and software system upgrades and changes in configuration
Automating operations

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