.Net Architect with Azure || Alpharetta, GA || Onsite


.Net Architect with Azure jobs in usa

.Net Architect with Azure jobs in us

Position: .Net Architect (TECHM-JOB-26606)

Location: Alpharetta, GA (Onsite)

Openings: 2

Duration: Long term

Vendor: TechM / Client: Ernst & Young(Please don’t post client name anywhere)



Job Description:


.NET Architect:

Minimum 12 years of professional experience with various enterprise implementations.
Roll up one’s sleeves attitude and help the team to deliver quality products.
Hands-on experience and coding are MUST.
Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related field
Certification in Azure (PREFERED)
Design patterns: chain of command, CQRS, factory, builder, singleton, etc.
.net core lifecycle
.net core web API
Authentication and authorization mechanisms
Serialization and deserialization (JSON, XML, binary, etc.)
Entity framework and ADO.net
Unit testing (regardless of the tool)
Asynchronous programming (async/await)
Experience applying SOLID
Experience designing new systems/features from scratch and documenting them
Experience working with, at least, the following Azure services: Azure storage (table, blob, queue), Key vault, Az SQL, Application insights, app services
Experience designing RESTful APIs
Exposure and Experience with Generative AI, Prompt engineering, NLM, LLM, etc.,
Design AI solutions and architectures that align with business goals.
Develop and implement machine learning models and algorithms.
Exposure and experience with ML.NET is preferred

To apply for this job email your details to manojdivvela@caprusit.com