MongoDB Database Administrator at NYC hybrid work C2C job

MongoDB Database Administrator at NYC hybrid work

MongoDB Database Administrator at NYC
Location: NYC hybrid work
Duration: Long Term
visa: USC/GC/H1b/L2

• 8 -10 years Experienced DBA (any database)
• MongoDB DBA (2 years plus)
• Scripting and programming experience
• Production deployment experience
• Migration experience from RDBMS to MongoDB.
• Exposure to public cloud would be an added advantage

• MongoDB – CRUD Operations, Document based Data Modeling, Design of Collections and Documents
• Experience with physical collection creation, access pattern tuning, sharding implementation, index creation, and debugging query execution to obtain optimum database performance
• Excellent understanding of various MongoDB database design patterns and physical architectures for different use cases
• Data replication and sharding in a distributed database
• Aggregation of data using MapReduce and other batch processing use cases
• Experienced in MongoDB Security
• Detecting performance problems using Mongo Profiler
• Automate routine tasks with your own scripts and open-source tools
• Defragmentation
• Schema Design – working with Application/Development team
• Query fine tuning
• Shell scripts for Monitoring like ‘slow queries’, replication lag, nodes fails, disk usage etc.
• Backup and restores ( Backups should be automated with shell scripts/Ops Manager)
• Database Health check (Complete review of Database slow queries, fragmentation, index usage…etc. )
• Index rebuild
• Upgrades (Java version, Mongo version,etc)
• Maintenance ( Data center outages, etc)
• Architecture design as per the Application requirement
• Writing best practices documents for sharding, replication for Dev/App teams
• Log rotation/ maintenance ( mongos, mongod, config . etc)
• Segregation of duties ( User Management – designing User roles and responsibilities )
• Disk usage, CPU, Memory check Alerting
• Database Hardening
• Designing DR (Disaster Recovery)/COB ( Continuity of Business) plans as applicable
• Database Profiling, Locks, Memory Usage, No of connections, page fault etc.,
• Export and Import of Data to and From MongoDB, Run time configuration of MongoDB,
• Data Managements in MongoDB Capped Collections Expired data from TTL,
• Monitoring of Various issues related with Database,
• Monitoring at Server, Database, Collection Level, and Various Monitoring Tools related to MongoDB,
• Database software Installation and Configuration in accordance with Client defined standards
• Database Migrations and Updates
• Application of database patches
• Capacity management
• Hands on experience in Server Performance tuning and Recommendations
• High availability solutions and recommendations
• Hands on experience in Root cause analysis for business impacting issues

Thanks & Regards
Anil Kumar
Team Lead-Recruitment

Emonics LLC
1260 Centennial Ave, Suite 1A
NJ- 08854
Direct – (201)-986-8123

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