.Net Developer


Local to Ohio candidates only prefers for this position.

•    The specific development and support areas are broad.  There is an extensive portfolio of VB.NET applications in production that were developed the past two decades (i.e. CPI,  ETMS (Estate Tax), Funds Distribution (aka FUNDS) , Muni Tax Credits, SSTP Pass Thru, Subpoena, Tax Credits, TBOR1, TDS Requests, and UIP Reports.)
•    With the advent of the PIT replacement system in play, most of these applications are now in maintenance mode.  However, day to day support is needed and an occasional legislative requirement.
•    In addition, some of the application require New Year Preparation.
•    In addition, there are various projects involving infrastructure upgrades (aka technical debt.)  The particular scope of work for this consultant would involve changes to applications in response to the app requirements as they are flushed out in the tech debt discovery process.  The short list of upcoming projected of this nature includes but is not limited to:
o    MS SQL Server Upgrades pertaining to Windows servers.
o    Visual Studio Upgrades
o    Requirements precipitating from security application scans.
o    Migration of other VB.NET applications to IOP (replacement of Active Directory where applicable)
o    Migration of applications with any mainframe components (especially DB2) onto MS SQL and/or Oracle platforms.

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