.NET developer

Job Description:

Developer is responsible to maintain number of stabilized .NET applications developed in VB.net, C# with Oracle, and SQL server as databases. Software developer position is to analyze software requirements, designing, developing, testing, and implementing the new systems or make enhancements to existing application according to specifications from program team.

Essential Duties / Responsibilities:
• Use Microsoft .NET Framework and a supported MVC framework, C# programming language to development of the applications.
• Senior level full-stack development experience with .Net technologies.
• Use object-oriented techniques and best practices to analyze, design, development, unit testing and deployment.
• Convert existing applications to .NET Framework with additional security features.
• Document all deliverables and perform system unit testing and validation of procedures.
• Work with program division team on technical issues including system design and testing.
• Analyzing information to recommend and plan the development and implementation of new systems or modifications of an existing system.
• Work with Program division team members on detailed business requirements, understanding business processes and technology, agency standards, and ensuring project goal alignment.
• Write technical specifications based on conceptual design and stated business requirements.
• Work with project manager to ensure project plan is maintained and project milestones are being met.
• Have ability to work independently and under general supervision with opportunity for independent judgment.
• Responsible to modify existing applications due to changes in technology, security, state or federal law changes and national standards.
• Other responsibilities as assigned.

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