Updated Hotlist for Corp to corp jobs new consultants available for C2C jobs


Hope you are doing great.

Please find a Hot List of my bench consultants mentioned below and help me out with suitable requirements on Corp to Corp, based on their technologies.

Do add me to your list and share with me your requirements on Corp-to-Corp,  I would love to work with you.

S No Candidate Name Skills EXP Visa Location
.1 Santhosh Sr Java Developer 10 YRS H1B Remote
.2 Lavanya Sr Java Developer 10 YRS H4 EAD Remote
.3 Ruta Kulkarni Sr Java Developer 9 YRS H4 EAD Remote
.4 Akash Information Security ENG 10+ H1B Remote
.5 Chakrabarti SQL Data base Developer 12+ GC Remote
.6 Laxmi .NET Developer 5+ Gc Remote
.7 Narender .NET Developer 6+ H1B Remote
.8 Meghana React JS Developer 7+ H1B Remote
.9 Venkata Yeshwanth Azure Data ENG 7+ H1B Remote
.10 Hemang Data Eng 7+ H1B Remote

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Nidhi  M

Bench Sales executive 

Phone: (972)752-8935 / 4699727527 X 108

Email: Nidhi@technipros.com  www.technipros.com 

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