Post Corp to corp Hotlist : Step 1

This page enables you to post orp to corp hotlist cfor free. You'll be asked to choose the category for your hotlist post on this first step and the hotlist title as well as the ad description and images can be posted on the next page.

Please choose the right country to post your hotlist which can provide good results with better reach to various social website like linkdin and twitter. This enables the jobseekers and recruiters to locate your Hotlist with rremote and onsite opportunities by the hotlist through the category that it's expected to be in.

Hotlist posting process is quite very simple and straight forward; however, we again recommend you take your time when completing the steps. We always recommand to use hotlist tabular form of image to show the clear picture to the recruiters about the available c2c consultants The aim should be to add as many details as possible, enabling potential candidate or recruiters to make decisions. This will improve the overall experience for both the recruiters and the Job Seekers.