Aslam Azure/ DevOps Engineer 8+ H1b Yes
Abdul Fazal DevOps /Cloud Engineer 8 H1b No
Kamran Khan Sr. DevOps/AWS Engineer 8+ H1b Yes
Nithisha Sr. AWS/DevOps Engineer 8 H1b No
Mustafa Ali Sr. AWS/DevOps Engineer 8+ H1b Yes
Wasey Siddiqui Sr. AWS Devops Engineer 8+ H1b Yes
Surya Reddy Sr. DevOps Engineer 8+ H1b No
Likhitha Azure DevOps and Developer 8 H1b Yes
Bindhu Madhavi DevOps Engineer 7+ GC Yes
Gigin Raghavan Sr QA Automation Tester 7+ H1b Yes
Aqeel Ahmed Sr. QA Engineer 7+ H1b Yes
Alekhya Reddy Software Engineer/Quality Analyst 5 H1b No
Bharathi SDET/ Sr QA Automation Eng 8+ H4 EAD Yes
LALIT Sr. QA/SDET Automation Engineer 8 H1b No
Mohammed Samiuddin SDET/QA Automation Engineer 8 GC No
Aisha Sultana QA/Validation Engineer. 7+ GC Yes
Likhita Salesforce Business Analyst 7+ H4 EAD No
Akshara Gollapalli Sr. Salesforce Admin/Developer 8+ H1b Yes
Gaffar, Ayeesha Business Analyst 8+ USC No
Sohaib sr. business analyst 8 + GC Yes
Sai Mitta Sr. Business Analyst 8+ H1b No
Bhavana Senior Python Developer 7 H1b Yes
Sindhura Sr. Cloud Data Engineer 8 H1b No
SATVIKA Sr. Cloud Data Engineer 8 H1b No
Syed Sr Data Engineer 8+ H1b No
Girish Reddy Edula Data Scientist 8 H1b No
Azeem Khan Cyber Security Engineer 7+ H1b Yes
Nafeesunissa Farath Fatima Sr. Java Full Stack Developer 8+ H1b No
Uday Kumar Sr. Java Backend Developer 8+ H1b No
Mubashir Java developer 8+ H1b No
Saihitesh G Sr. Front End Engineer 7 H1b Yes
Sravanthi Sr. UI/ Angular/ Front end developer 8 GC No
Sandeep Software Developer 7 H1b No 4695897001

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