Softtreeinc Hotlist


1 Keerthika Product manager/Product Owner 12+ Years H1B Ashburn, VA Remote/ Hybrid
2 Srinivasa Rao Raya Senior Testing Engineer (Verification and Validation) 8+ GC BLOOMINGTON, IN Open
3 Namratha Automation Tester 9 yrs USC Orlando, Florida Remote
4 Pravallika QA/Selenium Tester 14 yrs H4EAD NC Remote
5 Sai Kumar Release Manager/Program Manager/Azure Infrastructure Eng 10 Years H1B Seattle, WA Open
6 Satya Cloud Solutions / Infrastructure Architect 14 years H1b Dallas, TX Open
7 ­Surya Frontend Developer/ Angular/ UI 9 Years H1B Phoenix, AZ Remote
8 Chaitra UI Developer 9 years H4 EAD Jersey City, NJ NY & NJ
9 Lasya Data Engineer 8 Years GC Missouri Open
10 Jahnavi Data Engineer 9 yrs H1B         KS Open
11 Sudeepthi Jasti ETL Data Engineer 9 yrs GC EAD Little ELM, TX Remote
12 Mayur SDET 8 Years H1B Fermont, CA Open
13 Mohan Python Developer 8 Years H1B Irving, TX Open
14 Vamsi Patibandla DevOps Engineer 10+ Years H1B Jersey City, NJ Open
15 Sanjana Data Analyst 8 Years H4EAD Auburn Hills, MI Open
16 Saravan Kumar QA/ Facets tester 11 Years H1B Edison, NJ Initial remote
17 Prashanth Data Scientist 8 Years GC NJ Open
18 Sri lakshmi DevOps Engineer 12+ Years H1B Atlanta, GA Remote
19 Keerthi V Java Developer 11 Years H1B Dallas, TX Remote
20 Sravan Java Developer 9 Years H1B Phoenix, AZ Remote
21 Nikhitha Java Developer 9 Years H1B Seattle , WA Open
22 Santosh Java Developer 14+ Years H4EAD Sanford, FL Remote/ Hybrid
23 Vamsi Java Developer 8 Years H1B Irving, TX Open
24 Varun Java Developer 7 Years OPT EAD Alabama Open
25 Sirishma Java Developer 8 Years H1B Missouri Open
27 Sowmya .Net Developer 8 Years GC NC Open
28 Chakri .Net Developer 8 Years GC EAD Dallas, TX Open
29 Srinivas .Net Developer 16 Year H1B Celina, TX Initial remote
30 Teja .Net Developer 8 Years GC NC Open
31 Praveen Kumar V .Net Developer 14 Years H1B Novi, MI Open
32 Aditya Surneni Sr. Oracle Database Engineer 11+ Years H1B NC NC, FL, GA / remote
33 Nutan Bomburey Snowflake Data Lead 13+ GC Morganville,NJ NY,NJ or Remote

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