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Please find below some of my available consultants, we are looking for a C2C Contract, please do not hesitate in contact me if you have any position for them.

Consultant Name Position Visa Type Experience Primary skills Secondary Skills: Additional skills Current Location Relocation Rate
Ricardo Rodriguez Python Developer TN 10 years Python (Certified Associate Programmer), Java, Swift, SQL, Bash, HTML, JavaScript, Flask, SQLAlchemy, Pytest, unittest, Pandas, Git, GitHub, Bitbucket, AWS (Lambda, CloudFormation, S3, RDS, DynamoDB, VPC, Step Functions, IAM), GCP Docker, Kubernetes, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, Jenkins, GitHub Actions, YAML, Elasticsearch (ES), DataDog, Kibana, Keycloak, OAuth, JWT (JSON Web Tokens), SSL/TLS, Basic Auth Kafka, ISO8586, RESTful APIs, API Gateway, Jira, Confluence, Slack, MS Teams, PagerDuty, Crontab, Jira, BitBucket, New York Anywhere 70 USD /H (Open to negotiation)
Joseph Vega Sr. Cloud Engineer TN 8 years Python, HTML, Bash, Google Cloud (GCP), Kubernetes, Virtual Machines (VM), Openstack, Glance, Nova, Neutron, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, MS SQL Server, REST API, AWS, Huawei Cloud, Rackspace Cloud, Terraform, Git, Github, VPC, Cloud Load Balancer, MIG, Autoscaling, Cloud Trace, Logging & Monitoring, EC2, Lambda, IAM, Container, SDK Cloud Linux, Windows, CentOS, RedHat, Apache Spark, Python, DataBricks PostgreSQL, Cloud governance, Azure New York Anywhere 80 USD /H (Open to negotiation)
Erick Holguin UI/UX Front End Developer TN 8 years Javascript, Python, Java, C#, Web API Restful, React JS, Node JS, Angular, JavaScript ES6, TypeScript, HTML5 and CSS3, SaaS, Bootstrap, Material UI, Express.js, API REST development, Mongoose : Python 2, Python 3, Agile, Django, Flask, Express Library, SOAP Web services, AWS (EC2, IAM, Lambda, S3), Docker containers Jira, Scrum, Docker, Ngnix web versions, IIS Web servers, Linux Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 20.14, Ubuntu 22.14, Mac OS X, CentOS (Linux) New York Anywhere 68 USD /H (Open to negotiation)


Phone: (917) 746-8220

Email: gines@openwavecomp.com

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