Bedminster, NJ local candidate only || DevOps Engineer Premise Redhat OpenShift Administration


Job Title: DevOps Engineer with On-Premise Redhat OpenShift Administration Experience


Work Location: Verizon, Bedminster, NJ (Onsite Position, Candidates must be local to NewJersey or ready to relocate from Day1)

Duration: 12 months

Rate: $60-$65/hr

 Candidate must have a good LinkedIn profile


Job Summary:
We are looking for a candidate who can perform multifold responsibilities of managing On-Premise Redhat OpenShift Container Platform infrastructure along with DevOps.

Must have 10+ years of  expertise in provisioning, managing and deploying containerized applications using Redhat OpenShift Container Platform infrastructure

Must have skills:  RedHat OpenShift Container Platform(Operators,OpenShift Data Foundation,OpenShift Pipelines,Image Registry) Kubernetes, Docker, Podman, Elasticsearch/PostgreSQL-DB Administration, Jenkins, GitLab, Kafka, A10 Networks Load Balancing

Job Description:

Experience in creating, configuring, and Maintaining RedHat OpenShift Container Platform in On-Premises BareMetal and VMWARE environments. This includes setting up the underlying infrastructure, adding or removing nodes, and ensuring the cluster is highly available
Manage and administer the RedHat OpenShift Container Platform services like Operators,OpenShift Data Foundation,Pipelines,Image Registry,OpenShift Serverless,Routes, S3 Compatible Storage etc
Collaborate with the Development team in containerizing the applications also in addressing the vulnerabilities identified in the Static/Dynamic scan & container registry scans
Setting up authentication methods (like LDAP etc), defining roles and permissions using Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), and creating and managing user accounts
Configure and manage networking within the cluster such as set up service definitions, configuring networking policies, and ensuring that applications can communicate with each other both within and outside the cluster
Configure and manage OpenShift Container Storage (OCS)/OpenShift Data Foundation (ODF) for stateful workloads and data services across the platform. This includes setting up persistent storage, storage classes, and managing the lifecycle of storage volumes
Keeping the OpenShift clusters up to date by performing version upgrades and optimizing the cluster’s performance by fine-tuning configurations and resolving performance bottlenecks.
Manage and administer the On-Premise Elasticsearch clusters that includes deployment, configuration, index management, Cross-cluster replication, Snapshot/restore, agent management, cluster upgrades, Index Templates Management and any other relevant administrator duties.
Secure access to the Elasticsearch cluster, its data and APIs according to required access control policies and troubleshoot various issues with the clusters (errors like unassigned shards, automation issues, to node/cluster failures)
Strong experience in building and administering Apache/Confluent Kafka messaging platform
Must be able to develop and maintain continuous integration and continuous deployment systems using tools like Git, GitHub, Jenkins, and Helm
Maintain the Gitlab version control system and manage Gitlab repositories, permissions, Branching, Merging, Tagging, maintaining access control strategies, and resolving conflicts.
Perform Jenkins installation, upgrades, RBAC, Configuration, Plugin installation, backup/restore, Jenkins files, and CI/CD pipelines
Perform the installation, configuration, upgrade, administration, monitoring, and maintenance of the PostgreSQL database.
Install, Configure and Manage monitoring tools such as Grafana/Prometheus in Redhat OpenShift clusters and push the container logs to Elasticsearch with FluentD/FluentBit.
Linux/Windows System Administration Skills including operating system installation and maintenance
Implement concepts of Big Data(Hadoop) ecosystem such as YARN, HDFS, HBase, Zookeeper, Spark, and Hive Accountable for storage, performance tuning, and volume management of Hadoop clusters
Experience with writing Helm Charts, Kubernetes manifest files, and docker files
Experience with scripting languages (e.g., Bash, Python) and infrastructure as code tools (e.g., Terraform)
Identify new tools/technologies that will make the release and SCM process more efficient, repeatable, reliable, and cost-effective.
Continuously evaluate various parts of the platform for opportunities for security hardening and improvements in observability Evaluate new technologies and industry trends, develop proofs-of-concept, and present findings
Infrastructure as Code development and deployments

Any of the following Certifications are a big plus.
Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA)

Red Hat Certified OpenShift Administrator


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