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Hello Connections,

Good morning!!

This is arundhati from CogentIBS.

I am looking for C2C Requirements for my consultants Looking forward to…

Please contact: (231) 412-3131

Mail :

First NameYears of ExperienceStateWork AuthorizationJob Title
Nataraj9MichiganH1-BSAP BRIM Consultant
Keerthi10.0North CarolinaH1-BAutomation Engineer
Siva Nishok8TennesseeH1-BDesign Engineer
Thirumangala20.0New YorkH1-BProduct owner/product manager / product manager
Shikha20MichiganGCSAP Business Analyst/Product Manager/SAP BW-BO Consultant
Miguel15MichiganTNSAP UI5/Fiori Lead
Rajakumari5MichiganH4 EADQA Tester
Nithin8CaliforniaH1-BAzure Data engineer
Gajalakshmi9MichiganH1-BSAP Certified S/4HANA PP/QM Lead
Praveen20MichiganH1-BProduct Owner/Product Manager
Nanjappa15.0MissouriH1-BQA Lead/Project Manager
Marcio20.0MichiganH1-BSr. Salesforce Lead Developer
Raghavendra17.0TexasH1-BSAP Certified S/4 HANA/EWM/WM Architect
Chetan18.0MichiganH1-BDelivery Manager / Project Manager
Deepika4.0IndianaH4 EADSap functional test consultant

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