React Native developer :: LOCALS ONLY NO OTHER STATE Onsite – Plano, TX :: No H1B Means NO


My name is Dhruv Sharma and I am a Technical Recruiter at Anvik Technologies INC . I am reaching out to you on an exciting job opportunity with one of our clients.

 Follow the job description:

Position     : React Native developer


Location   : Onsite – Plano, TX


Duration   :  6+ months


MOI             :  Phone+ Skype




Design and implement user interface components for JavaScript-based web and mobile applications using React ecosystem

Work as a part of a small team that includes other react native developers, designers, QA experts, and managers

Build app and UI components from prototypes and wireframes

Work with native modules as and when required

Use Native APIs for tight integrations with both platforms – Android and iOS

Write automated tests to ensure error-free code and performance

Improve front-end performance by eliminating performance bottlenecks

Create front-end modules with maximum code reusability and efficiency

Implement clean, smooth animations to provide an excellent user interface

Work with third-party dependencies and APIs

Work with Redux architecture to improve the performance of the websites/mobile apps

Coordinate with the cross-functional teams to build apps within stipulated time/budget.

Technical Skills Of React Native Developer:

Significant experience working with React web and mobile along with tools like Flux, Flow, Redux, etc.

In-depth knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, HTML, functional programming, and front-end languages

Strong knowledge of React fundamentals such as Virtual DOM, component lifecycle, and component state

A complete understanding of the full mobile app development lifecycle right from prototyping

Knowledge of type checking, unit testing, typescript, prop types, and code debugging

Experience working with REST APIs, document request models, offline storage, and third-party libraries

Strong understanding of web technologies like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS

Knowledge of user interface design and responsive designs

Well-versed in a variety of React Native software and technologies such as Jest, Enzyme, ESLint, and so on


Non-Technical Skills Of React Native Developer:

Strong knowledge of software development approaches, principles, and flows

Experience working on large, complex web and mobile apps

Ability to create and maintain smooth continuous integration and continuous delivery pipeline of React Native applications

Understanding React Native best principles and design aesthetics

A positive mindset and continuous-learning attitude

Stay updated with new updates, technologies, and news about React Native

Ability to solve issues and contribute to libraries as and when needed

Experience working in an agile development environment

Strong verbal and written communication skills to communicate strategy

Familiarity with modern front-end tools and building pipelines

A collaborative approach to building apps and solving complex problems

Attention to detail and problem-solving skills

Client-focused approach with a goal of creating user-centric designs

Good interpersonal, communication, and collaboration skills

Ability to write clean, well-documented code that follows good coding practices



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