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My name is Jitendra Kumar, and I am a Staffing Specialist at Realtek Consulting LLC. I am reaching out to you on an exciting job opportunity with one of our clients


Position:  Product Owner

Location – Phoenix, AZ

Mode of Hiring: Contract

Implementation / Client – TCS  


Job Description:

Domain: Product Ownership, Product Owner


Experience (Years): 6-8 Essential Skills:

• Managing the product backlog- responsible for maintaining and controlling the product backlog. Ensure that the backlog is visible to everyone and that items are prioritized based on their importance.

• Prioritizing needs- prioritize the products needs and objectives according to stakeholders. Must weigh the priorities of the product being developed based on budget, scope, and time.

• Connecting the team and stakeholders-to liaison between the team and stakeholders. Ensure that the team understands the requirements and collaborate with them on delivering the quality. Communicate with stakeholders about the goals.

• Evaluating progress-Evaluate the products progress from the start and monitor it at every stage until the product is delivered. Monitor the overall performance and capabilities of their team.

• Defining the vision–Responsible for defining the vision and goals of the product. A clear vision with defined objectives helps the owner collaborate with stakeholders and ensures that the Agile teams understand their tasks.

• Managing the stakeholders-Responsible for stakeholder management. Know their stakeholders, their interests, what they need from them and their product, and how they may be able to help



Best Regards!


Jitendra Kumar

Realtek Consulting

Mobile Number: (732) 605-5074

Email: jitendra@realtekconsulting.net | Web : www.realtekh.com  &  www.cubestech.net

Chennai Address : 1st Floor, Gitson Building, Industrial Estate, Perungudi, Chennai 600 096.

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